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Top Tech CNC has always made service of our customer’s equipment a priority. We recognize that machine tools are what make money for our customers and when they are not in operation, they lose money a lot faster than it can be made.


A comprehensive, 1-year minimum, parts and labour warranty covers all new machine tools sold by Top Tech CNC. This equipment receives our highest priority in any service situation.
Extended warranties are available for purchase on certain models, however they must be purchased with the machine tool.
After the warranty period expires, customers receive our preferred service rate on new equipment that was purchased from Top Tech CNC for as long as they own the equipment. Our current preferred service rate (July 2007) is $85.00CAN/hr. (time & travel).


If you have existing equipment that is no longer covered by the manufacturers warranty, we have the experience to diagnose and repair most machine tool malfunctions. From conventional mills & lathes that may be experiencing mechanical problems to the latest CNC’s that can offer a whole range of mechanical, electrical and electronic faults, we can offer a quick response and a timely solution. Our standard service rates (July 2007) are $100.00CAN/hr. (time & travel).


The key to reducing service costs during the life of any given machine tool is to perform regular maintenance. Like any other mechanical piece of equipment – automobiles come to mind as an obvious parallel – performance, reliability and the lifespan of the equipment will be reduced dramatically if basic steps in care and maintenance are not provided.

Top Tech CNC offers several levels of preventative maintenance programs. Each one is tailored to suit the requirements of the specific customer. Whether you are running a large production facility and require quarterly tune-ups on all of your equipment or a small machine shop looking for an annual check of your primary machine tool, we can offer you a cost effective solution to minimizing your downtime.

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